It started one day .....

Our hairless guineapig Alvin <3

....... That my daughter wanted a pet to care. All my life I suffered from asthma and allergies, and I can never own a dog or any other pet  as I wanted to. But my daughter found at internet hairless guineapigs. Yes, you read that right. So, guineapigs do not have hair at all (in Baldwin-race). You will find the breeder of guinea-pigs Snoop's Caviary website. Well, we contact Minna Aatela and a couple of months, we had two male guinea pig, Tahvo and Alvin. I didn't have the symptoms so we decided to look the hairless dog breeds on the Internet.

We found the American Hairless Terrier. I contacted Hanna Siltala (Kennel Nudus) and we received a sweet little old lady Saaga  during weekend. I noticed that somehow I survived without allergie reactions. I was amazed when the symptoms did not come!! I  let the dog to lick my face and my hands! Normally my skin would already have a patchy red color, but not in this case. I take  Saaga near my bed on the floor next to me at nights. It was the weekend that we made the decision to have own hairless dog. And I have not regretted it one bit. Small nasal itching has been seasonally, but it stays out when I wash my dog, and change the bedding often. I also use allergy medicines.

Thank you to Hanna who dared to give us a wonderful dog care and from whom we got this amazing first Dixi-pup. Now, my childhood dream has come true!!

Thank you also to the Czech Republic for Ivana and for Pia Forss from Unicometa'n kennel  (Orimattila) where we had cute and lovely AHT-boys. Nala girl arrived from the USA from well-known and prestigious breeder,AHTA's president and UKC-judge Melissa Kidd. Now in our house are four hairless terriers. I' m very lucky. I really hope that my allergies, and asthma is and will continue without  symptoms.