About AHT

2 weeks old AHT- puppy.

American Hairless Terrier (American Hairless Terrier, AHT) is an American breed , who was born in a rat terrier hairless variant.

Rat Terrier is a good hounting dog (rats and other rodents).

See the video of judging Rat terriers @ Westminster.

The AHTs are actually born with hair.. The puppies hair is short, fuzzy and different from the hair on a coated Rat Terrier. Shortly after birth they begin to lose this hair.  When the puppies are 8 to 12 weeks old,they are totally hairless with soft, smooth, and silky skin. skin does need to be protected from long periods of sun exposure.

The skin of this breed is softer than the other hairless breeds, and it feels velvety.    Because of this, we chose AHT of which may be suitable for many of the dog-allergic persons who can't keep other hairless  breeds.

Bright side in hairlesness is that the dog  does not bring any of dust, pollen, sand, mud, etc., such as coated dogs . The breed is also easy to keep clean. I n  summer , particularly light-skinned AHTs may need a sunscreen or a shirt for cover now and then.

Dentition is complete - the small size of the dog has big teeth, especially canines.

They are energetic and intelligent dogs that need something meaningful to do. As a terrier, AHT needs good socialization. It is also the most wonderful and charming guy! They are incredibly emotional, happy, intelligent and expressive - and they love their own family with bottom of their heart!

About breed and its history more information in  American Hairless Terrier Assosiation site: http://www.ahta.info

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